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A perfect Sunday in the Northwest


Pastiche by Elissa Lenard.  This lovely yarn was spun at our annual COAST Retreat in Yachats Last fall.

I could not resist a photo of this yarn in progress.  I also make a version of this fiber mix called FEAST.

It is a Feisty Mixture of luscious ingredients, wool, silk, bunny, mohair, fairy dust, (angelina)….and more!

This is one of my most popular classes.  We split up into teams and attack a bag of color…slowly building

layer upon layer of colorful bits till the table is literally overflowing…we then scoop it up and spin it.

I like to ply it with a metallic or a fine novelty yarn for even more PIZAZZ!

Lenny plied hers with a COPPER metallic she got at Eugene T

I have just posted some in my ETSY shop dyelots! I make it in every color combination. A 4 oz. ($35) will spin up into appox. 125 to 150 yards of singles.

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