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EUREKA! I have struck GOLD – Mushroom that is!!!

On a recent walk around the Eugene West/Downtown neighborhood…..found this lovely Pisolithus Tinctorious..AKA Dead Man’s Foot..Fungi.


Kind of GROSS looking but it dyes the most beautiful Brown/Gold.Depending on the after bath or Modifier, it can be brassy or really Chocolate.

Easy to use, just CHOP it up and put into a mesh bag, submerge into a pot of water and simmer you can add wool fleece or yarn, with our without a mordant such as ALUM.  Let cool overnight.

Rinse and spin out in the washing machine….ENJOY!  One of many wonders from NATURE……


5 Responses

  1. Fantastic!

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  2. Can we dye some of my hat yarn with it?

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  3. Janis..I was smitten with your dead man’s foot fungi post. Just wondering since I live in Ariz. if there is any place to purchase a small quantity to dye with….I run a very active rug hooking group here and this looks very intriguing. Can you help? Best, Carol ticklepie@ cox.net

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it is available in any kind of form “for Sale”.
      It must be wild-crafted. I will think of you next time I find some.
      Its a bit gooey, so I would have to dry it or ship it right away!
      Thanks for your interest and Happy Rug Hooking!!!

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