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Encrusted Slides and Beads

HOT Textiles!  No piece of felt is safe in the studio now……

IMG_2507 IMG_2494


That would be Eco-Felt, from recycled Milk Bottles, not Wool Felt.

What a process, 7 to 8 steps for “Composing” these little Gems.  SO lacy and distressed.

I will call this a Mixed-Media Soft Sculpture Bead, Scarf Slide Size and LG Bead Size.

Heated Felt, Metallic Paint, tiny Pearls, GLITTER and a few other tricks make these Bewitching!

Very complex in nature, but light as a Feather!  Each one is Unique…..

I want to KEEP them all….but have decided to share them with YOU.

Will be featuring them at a  Fiber Festival near you soon….Stay Tuned!


3 Responses

  1. Janis, any chance you have a video class on how you make these beauties?

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