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The objects of my affliction……

Suitcases….my tiny collection of vintages from Starline, Samsonite, Carilite & Wheary.

I’m in a holding pattern (for collecting) at the moment since we are living in the small house. My criteria for adopting one of these beauties is that they have all of their hardware & the insides must be immaculate.

The Amelia Earhart is one of my faves. Peach silk pongee interior with nice grosgrain ribbon tie- downs.

Makes me want to wrap a silk scarf around my neck, put on a glam pair of sunglasses & go on a trip in a sexy convertible.

My Oxblood Samsonite Briefcase is a rare one. A complete office that sits in your lap. I have not ever seen another one.

And my latest beauty!

Blue Marble Samsonite Closet.

I’m in LOVE…..this one has it all.

That is my confession today!

I love these for organizing & storing Handspun Yarns, Art Supplies, Fiber & Fabric.

Give a shout out if you are a FAN of Vintage Suitcases.

Until next time….JANIS

One Response

  1. your collection has grown! when i started collecting suitcases i took ANYTHING just to have something! now i am ready to winnow some of the less than perfect ones.

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