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Class MENU for 2019/2020

1. Get to know your Wheel:    6 hours  $70     Mat fee $15
adjustments, whorl logic, draw in, treadling, drafting & twist.
Set up the wheel to help you spin the yarn you WANT.
A comprehensive class to help you SPIN the yarn you want.                                                                                                                                         Imagine you and your wheel jumping through a flaming hoop!
2. Roving Reveal:      4 hours  $50         Mat fee $15
We will spin 5 different yarn structures to REVEAL the way
colors play out in the yarn, it is amazing to see how related
but unique each result is. Plying techniques explored in full.
3. Adventures in COLOR:    6 hours $70      Mat fee $15
You and your drum carder become really good friends in this explosion
of colors, textures and carding techniques. FUN! FUN! FUN!
Each student works with a colorway from the color wheel to
create batts that are BURSTING with possibilities. We make adjustments
to each color using tint, tone & shade to produce dimensional color
within a color. An MUST for whose who LOVE or are SHY with color.
4. Greased Lightning/Spinning Mohair:   4 hours  $50     Mat fee $15
Learn how to wrestle with a GOAT! We will find out the best way to handle
this sparkling & luminous fiber in all of its forms, roving, locks & blends.
From Tail-Spinning, to Fluffy Souffle, to BOUCLE, thats right!
We will do it all and with a smile……I use the BEST mohair from Oregon.
5. FEAST:       4 hours    $50            Mat fee $15
Never heard of it……that’s because I invented it and it is BRAND NEW!!!
Build a spinnable feast from everything but the kitchen sink, this ART YARN
extravaganza is best when done in color teams. On a big table we will
lay out layer after layer of wool, mohair, silk, rovings, ribbons, yarn, angelina,
and more….then scoop it up, take it to the wheel and using our biggest and
slowest whorl..make a HEAVENLY BIG mixed media yarn. Plied with fine thread.
This yarn will definitely win the BEST of SHOW ribbons!!!
6. Intro to ACID dyeing:     4 hours  $50        Mat fee $15
Learn the Janis way to use Jacquard Acid Dyes. Using all safety precautions
we will explore mixing stock solutions, Primary, secondary & Tertiary colors on
Yarn, Roving and Fleece. High immersion, low immersion and handpaint will
all be done in class by students. You will leave with plenty to spin and a
more confident comfort level for your own dye kitchen.
7. ECO-Print:    4 hours  $50         Mat fee $15
Using Natural Dye elements like leaves, blossoms, sticks, mushrooms, lichen,
cochineal bugs, logwood, madder sticks, weld leaves……etc. we will PRINT
with PIGMENT contained in the above to make a lovely SILK Habotai Scarf.
Nature amazes us with it’s ability to provide a wide array of COLOR!
Each student leaves with a beautiful silk scarf….wonderful as a gift.
We will go WILD Crafting to find some of the materials, students may also want tobring:
a bag of STUFF from their yard or garden…start putting them in the freezer NOW!

COLOR-Play on Cellulose:  4 hours  $50  Mat fee  $15

Learn how to use MX dyes on Cotton, Flax, Ramie, Hemp, Rayon & Bamboo.

We will dye a scarf warp, a skein of yarn, fiber and some cotton cloth for sewing/quilting.

Several exciting techniques will be explored. Crowding, Baggy dye, Trickle down.

This is a COLD batch process.  This is how Tie-Dye is done too.

NOTE: I will offer these classes as one 6 hour class a day or two
4 hour classes in one day………with a generous break & lunch between them.
It is a MARATHON, but group ENERGY makes you more enthusiastic!

I will TRAVEL to teach as long as you cover my fuel expense and put
me up at someones house, I am an easy non-needy house guest.
I LOVE all animals and eat anything (except lima beans). When teaching for
guilds, this makes it more affordable….since I do not need a HOTEL.
I usually bring one table of RETAIL items to class with me, let me know if
you want specific retail items for students.
Thank you for considering me as an instructor for your group.
Feel free to share this list with anyone you think might be interested in                                                                                                                        hosting a workshop.

Janis Thompson    fyberfiend@yahoo.com     (541) 517-6951
1465 West Eleventh Ave., Eugene, OR 97402


© 2013 Janis Thompson

All Rights Reserved.


2 Responses

  1. your blended fiber ideas are so creative and i love the finished yarn. thanks for making this class available!

  2. WOW!! How absolutely fabulous; and,it looks like so MUCH FUN!!
    GOOD JOB!!

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