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HumBug Guild – Teaching on the GO!

The Humbug Mountain Guild hired me to teach 3 classes for them this last weekend.

Saturday was:  Eco-Print – AM   FEAST Art Yarn  PM

Sunday was: Adventures in Color – Drum Carding

2013Etsy&More 009

Layout of dyestuffs

Finished Scarf Indigo dipped

Finished Scarf
Indigo dipped

Feast ART Yarns

Feast ART Yarns

Adventures in Color Triad SWIRL

Adventures in Color

A reminder that ANY Guild can hire me to teach.  Just give me a jingle fyberfiend@yahoo.com

I have a Menu of class offerings that I can send for your review!

Fiber in The Forest 2015

Color CAMP pics to get Y’all excited for the Retreat

BLOG 003

Eco-Print on Silk

Acid Dyeing

Acid Dyeing

Colorplay on Cellulose

Colorplay on Cellulose

Well that’s embarrassing! I have not posted in so long…….

It has been a BUSY year for the “fyberfiend”.  Juggling 3 schedules has proved to be a challenge.

Between Blossom Skincare, Eugene Textile Center and a Teaching Schedule on the road, I have been remiss in keeping you informed of my adventures….I post on Facebook, occasionally.

I survived a visit to Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD with my Grandgirls! Temps in the low 90’s in SPRING…whhaat?

YARNfest in Colorado was the BOMB!  We just barely missed a BIG snow storm on I-80…

Teaching for the HUMBUG Guild was a lovely experience on the Oregon Coast too.

And now for:   FIBER IN THE FOREST – COLOR Camp – 3 ways to DYE  May 15, 16 & 17 at Camp Myrtlewood, OR.

Hoping to get a couple more student sign-ups for a full class at FIF, if interested, let me know.

Trip to Yarn Fest Colorado...Tooth Rock

Trip to Yarn Fest
Colorado…Tooth Rock

ETC Booth at YARNfest This event replaces  SOAR.

ETC Booth at YARNfest
This event replaces

Continental Divide with SNOW!

Continental Divide
with SNOW!


Is it wrong to have SILK COCOONS spun onto EVERY spindle you own?


I think NOT!!! Just look at those yummy BON BON’s of BLISS!

How could any spinner resist?


I am always surprised when someone asks me how to

use a fiber and then actually does just that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The finished MASTERPIECE speaks for itself……Sublime!



Cards of Various Yarns, Ribbons, Novelty….

Plus ONE fabulous BUTTON


So much FUN making up these little cards.

If you are a Mixed Media Arts fan, then you

need lots of little bits of coordinated “stuff”.

RAKU buttons and hand spun yarns, ribbon,

odds and ends of fabric metallic trim and

anything else that even remotely resembled

string is attached and ready to become a


I will have a basket full of these at my next show.

EUREKA! I have struck GOLD – Mushroom that is!!!

On a recent walk around the Eugene West/Downtown neighborhood…..found this lovely Pisolithus Tinctorious..AKA Dead Man’s Foot..Fungi.


Kind of GROSS looking but it dyes the most beautiful Brown/Gold.Depending on the after bath or Modifier, it can be brassy or really Chocolate.

Easy to use, just CHOP it up and put into a mesh bag, submerge into a pot of water and simmer you can add wool fleece or yarn, with our without a mordant such as ALUM.  Let cool overnight.

Rinse and spin out in the washing machine….ENJOY!  One of many wonders from NATURE……


Fall Color Abounds……..

Burnished Reds, Burgundy, Deep Oranges, Tawny Browns, Rich Golds and a Smidgen of Sinister Green…….

Fall Colors

I am so ready for the seasonal changes that bring these colors out in nature.

Building a batch of Spinnable FEAST for the upcoming Fiber Festivals in the Pacific Northwest….it is decidedly AUTUMN!

I hope to see some of you this weekend at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds for Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.

The dyelots! booth in the 4-H building will be showing off the NEW Zephyr Turkish spindle and Pixy Mini-Noddy

Celebrating Sweater weather and all things FLUFF related!