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Dingleberry? More fun with Color Blocks!

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Machine Knitted Scarf  Blocks, dyed, frogged and re-knitted into a lovely & colorful scarf-lette.

This is a FREE pattern called SHIZUKU on Ravelry, however I have lovingly re-named it Dingleberry.

I will be bringing these little Marvels to a show for sale soon!

Roving, Roving, Roving!!!

Roving, Roving, Roving!!!

Busy DYE studio – This fiber was purchased from FOX HOLLOW Farm & Fiber in Eugene, Oregon.  I love to see it all piled up on the counter in dyelots!.  I packaged it up as “Bundle of JOY”  sold like hotcakes at the Fabulous Fiber Fair in Carlton, Oregon a couple of weekends ago.

A perfect Sunday in the Northwest


Pastiche by Elissa Lenard.  This lovely yarn was spun at our annual COAST Retreat in Yachats Last fall.

I could not resist a photo of this yarn in progress.  I also make a version of this fiber mix called FEAST.

It is a Feisty Mixture of luscious ingredients, wool, silk, bunny, mohair, fairy dust, (angelina)….and more!

This is one of my most popular classes.  We split up into teams and attack a bag of color…slowly building

layer upon layer of colorful bits till the table is literally overflowing…we then scoop it up and spin it.

I like to ply it with a metallic or a fine novelty yarn for even more PIZAZZ!

Lenny plied hers with a COPPER metallic she got at Eugene T

I have just posted some in my ETSY shop dyelots! I make it in every color combination. A 4 oz. ($35) will spin up into appox. 125 to 150 yards of singles.

Eco-Print RAW Materials / Finished Scarves / Bundles

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Silk scarves with wild crafted materials, fresh is best, but you can freeze some flowers to burst the cell walls that hold the pigment. I used fuschia blossoms.

Finished Scarves – Earthly Delights!

Bundled Scarves

Deep Freeze – Studio Time

BRRRRR…with this cold snap, I have plenty of time in my home studio to prepare for upcoming Fiber Festivals.  Winding skeins, dyeing yarn and fibers, packaging & labeling are not the most creative part of the process, but necessary for progress!

Buckets full of soaking wool, silk and various fibers fill the floor and fill the air with the heady scent of vinegar and wet critter fluff.

You have just read my very FIRST blog post …..  more to follow!