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This is EXCITING! Bundle, Steam, Print!

The pdf is ready for those of you who wanted an electronic file. YAY.

If you live outside the US, you can now download the pdf & save on shipping!

Just click on the Bundle, Steam, Print! Tab ABOVE, then scroll down to BUY NOW.

Your pdf will arrive in your INBOX – ASAP! NO later than 12-24 hours.

This is not a condensed version, its the WHOLE book!

Great instructions to get you started, beautiful photos & projects too.

SNEAK PEEK – Showcase below…..

Colorful bundles ready to steam. Naturally dyed – Silk Habotai bases.

ABOVE: Beautiful Leather – dyed in Osage – Is this pretty or what?

ABOVE: Chapter 6 – Indigo offers so many options for Eco-Print!

ABOVE: Wowzers! Cochineal with a Titanium Blanket…..Blazing COLOR.


Matty cloth – Multiple Reactive Blankets – Plus stitching!

ABOVE: Sigh…..I LOVE this piece! SOFT Wool matty cloth, Fresh Indigo base dye, Kermes dye blanket OVER various Maple, Weld Florets, Oak & Poinsettia.

New! PDF Version Now Available for $30

Buy Now button

The Internet is a very busy place over the next several days!

Trouble with the Pay Now button? Can’t tell if its PayPal or WordPress…

CONTACT ME: fyberfiend123@gmail.com. and I will send the PayPal

Invoice directly to you…..Then the pdf! Right away. Thanks for your patience.

The objects of my affliction……

Suitcases….my tiny collection of vintages from Starline, Samsonite, Carilite & Wheary.

I’m in a holding pattern (for collecting) at the moment since we are living in the small house. My criteria for adopting one of these beauties is that they have all of their hardware & the insides must be immaculate.

The Amelia Earhart is one of my faves. Peach silk pongee interior with nice grosgrain ribbon tie- downs.

Makes me want to wrap a silk scarf around my neck, put on a glam pair of sunglasses & go on a trip in a sexy convertible.

My Oxblood Samsonite Briefcase is a rare one. A complete office that sits in your lap. I have not ever seen another one.

And my latest beauty!

Blue Marble Samsonite Closet.

I’m in LOVE…..this one has it all.

That is my confession today!

I love these for organizing & storing Handspun Yarns, Art Supplies, Fiber & Fabric.

Give a shout out if you are a FAN of Vintage Suitcases.

Until next time….JANIS

Celebrate! The Eco-Print book is ready to ship.

Omg! So excited to share this with all of you…..click on the tab above to order.

Eco-Print Recipes

Enhanced with Natural Dyes

& Indigo…….Coming Soon!

Bundle, Steam, Print!

My new book will be available in Spring of 2019! So exciting to venture into this “new to me” realm. Teaching this subject has been such a JOY! Writing about it came naturally. I realized the industry needed a Recipe Book that could share the actual process, Step by step. Hooray! My goal is to get people started and demystify the ingredients for those NEW to Eco-Printing as well as challenging the experienced dyers.

Encrusted Slides and Beads

HOT Textiles!  No piece of felt is safe in the studio now……

IMG_2507 IMG_2494


That would be Eco-Felt, from recycled Milk Bottles, not Wool Felt.

What a process, 7 to 8 steps for “Composing” these little Gems.  SO lacy and distressed.

I will call this a Mixed-Media Soft Sculpture Bead, Scarf Slide Size and LG Bead Size.

Heated Felt, Metallic Paint, tiny Pearls, GLITTER and a few other tricks make these Bewitching!

Very complex in nature, but light as a Feather!  Each one is Unique…..

I want to KEEP them all….but have decided to share them with YOU.

Will be featuring them at a  Fiber Festival near you soon….Stay Tuned!


I can’t Stop!


Tiny Adorable Felt Messenger Bags!

I was collecting so many of these Not Quite Square pieces of Felt from teaching a INTRO to Feltmaking class at Eugene Textile Center that I realized I needed to MAKE something out of them.  I started folding them in different ways and you know I just love the Triangles in life, so here they Leapt into Life as pointy-pint sized Messenger Bags, each one with a unique twist in the design and finishing.  A button here, part of a Doily there…..maybe a tassel or a row of beads….and the stitching, oh the stitching.  There is something about the way the sewing machine needle pierces the buttery texture of the felt fabric that is oh so yummy and satisfying.  Next on the list is a group of Scottish Highland Plaids, a really easy and Fun way to approach felt color design. Can you tell that I am reading OUTLANDER!  Och Aye……Mmphm.

Lucky me, I have such a TACTILE life!   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

HumBug Guild – Teaching on the GO!

The Humbug Mountain Guild hired me to teach 3 classes for them this last weekend.

Saturday was:  Eco-Print – AM   FEAST Art Yarn  PM

Sunday was: Adventures in Color – Drum Carding

2013Etsy&More 009

Layout of dyestuffs

Finished Scarf Indigo dipped

Finished Scarf
Indigo dipped

Feast ART Yarns

Feast ART Yarns

Adventures in Color Triad SWIRL

Adventures in Color

A reminder that ANY Guild can hire me to teach.  Just give me a jingle fyberfiend@yahoo.com

I have a Menu of class offerings that I can send for your review!

Fiber in The Forest 2015

Color CAMP pics to get Y’all excited for the Retreat

BLOG 003

Eco-Print on Silk

Acid Dyeing

Acid Dyeing

Colorplay on Cellulose

Colorplay on Cellulose

Well that’s embarrassing! I have not posted in so long…….

It has been a BUSY year for the “fyberfiend”.  Juggling 3 schedules has proved to be a challenge.

Between Blossom Skincare, Eugene Textile Center and a Teaching Schedule on the road, I have been remiss in keeping you informed of my adventures….I post on Facebook, occasionally.

I survived a visit to Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD with my Grandgirls! Temps in the low 90’s in SPRING…whhaat?

YARNfest in Colorado was the BOMB!  We just barely missed a BIG snow storm on I-80…

Teaching for the HUMBUG Guild was a lovely experience on the Oregon Coast too.

And now for:   FIBER IN THE FOREST – COLOR Camp – 3 ways to DYE  May 15, 16 & 17 at Camp Myrtlewood, OR.

Hoping to get a couple more student sign-ups for a full class at FIF, if interested, let me know.

Trip to Yarn Fest Colorado...Tooth Rock

Trip to Yarn Fest
Colorado…Tooth Rock

ETC Booth at YARNfest This event replaces  SOAR.

ETC Booth at YARNfest
This event replaces

Continental Divide with SNOW!

Continental Divide
with SNOW!